Solar For The Terawatt Era


Siva Power Will Save Trillions of Dollars

Over A Billion People Are Without Electricity

The Population Will Grow to 10 Billion By 2050

Developing Nations Are Consuming More Electricity

Transportation Is Transitioning to the Grid

Mother Nature Demands a Low Carbon Solution

As the expanding global population catches up with industrialized nations’ energy demands, a 46-terawatt energy gap must be addressed by 2050. Combine that gap with Bloomberg’s expectation that at least 30 percent of the power generating capacity must be supplied by solar establishes a need for over 30 terawatts of solar installations.

Fossil fuels not only emit harmful greenhouse gases but induce uncertainty in cost, supply and security. Clean and affordable solar energy is the crucial link that closes the energy gap and provides a sustainable solution to this problem for millennia.

Inexorable solar is already the fastest growing form of newly installed energy throughout Europe, India and the US. More American workers are employed in the solar industry than deploying electricity via coal, gas and petroleum combined. Solar provides the economic engine for a growing modern economy.

Picking a solar technology that costs over a dollar a watt of capacity when alternatives exist at less than a third of that level, costs trillions of dollars in capital and consumes more than twice the energy to produce a watt of solar power. These burdens further limit the rate of deployment and the time to a secure future.

While many technologies offer clean solutions for today, the best alternatives provide a perpetual cradle-to-cradle cycle that relies on recycled materials and eliminates waste.

Whether to address climate change, to alleviate geopolitical issues or for socio-economic vitality, the lowest cost solar technology provides the most robust and fastest path to a long-term solution. The world needs a win-win-win energy technology. The world needs that technology to scale up for the terawatts of energy demand .

Siva Power is ready for the terawatt solar era.

Siva Power

Siva Power is a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of advanced solar modules. Siva Power's renowned team of solar and advanced-manufacturing experts have achieved the optimum in manufacturing technology and process: best-in-class performance and lowest cost.

Siva Power's technology – based upon CIGS (copper, indium, gallium, and selenium) – has yielded the highest efficiency of all thin film technologies. Siva Power's manufacturing process is optimally scaled and this enables Siva Power to profitably manufacture powerful and durable panels in high-volume.

Siva Power is a paradigm shift because it delivers high-performance and low cost.




News and Events

Siva Power in the News:

Three awards from US Energy Department to fuel UW solar cell research
UW News, January 16, 2019

Dunham’s project, awarded $681,000, will investigate another promising material in photovoltaics research, known by its acronym CIGS — or copper indium gallium selenide.

They plan to use this information to create models for CIGS manufacturing processes and their impact on performance efficiency, which they’ll test and refine in partnership with Siva Power, a California-based solar energy company.

Siva Power secures a further US$25 million in funding for CIGS thin-film technology
PV-Tech, May 23, 2017

US-based CIGS thin-film start-up Siva Power said it had secured a further US$25 million in funding for its planned CIGS thin-film pilot and demonstration production line.

Siva Power first announced a US$5 million investment round to build a pilot line to produce small-scale production to demonstrate its co-evaporation source technology at its facility in Santa Clara, California in May 2016.

Press Releases:

Siva Power Closes on $25M to Continue Developing Low‑Cost Solar Module Technology for the Terawatt Era
PR Newswire, May 23, 2017

Siva Power, a manufacturer of next generation thin-film solar technology, today announces the closing of a $25 million dollar round focused on building out its pilot line and developing its solar module business. Jim Simons and Mark Heising led the investment with help from Jonathan Sheets.

Siva Power continues to make steady progress developing its high performance, low-cost module technology at its Santa Clara, CA development facility. Customer interest is strong from those that appreciate the challenge of deploying terawatts of solar in the coming decades.



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