Cynthia Ringo

Managing Partner, DBL Partners

Director, Siva Power

Cynthia Ringo is a Managing Partner of DBL Partners, a firm focused on delivering strong financial returns together with positive social, environmental, and economic impact, which she joined in April 2008. She currently is a board observer for LiveScribe. She was formerly a Managing Director of VantagePoint Capital Partners from 2002 to 2008 where she was Group Leader of the Communications, Systems, Internet and Media Practice.


Prior to VantagePoint, Ringo served as the CEO of Coppercom, a next-generation telecom equipment company. She served on the board of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) from 2000 to 2004, and as Chair of the Board for 2001 through 2003. Winner of 2000 FWE's Entrepreneur of the year Award. Advisor to Astia and SD Forum. Ringo received a BS from Georgia State University and a JD from Emory University School of Law.