Rami Elkhatib

General Partner, Acero Capital

Director, Siva Power

Rami Elkhatib founded Acero Capital in late 2009, and focuses on investments in both IT and Clean Energy. He currently serves on the board of enterprise mobile company Bitzer Mobile and on the boards of solar companies Siva Power and Banyan Energy. Prior to Acero, Elkhatib was General Partner at Southeast Technology Funds where he focused on IT infrastructure and software investments, and served on the boards of Pixel Magic, Waveguide Solutions, Elumens Corporation and Arsenal Digital. Prior to venture capital, he held multiple roles in tech and finance - he co-founded Datacme Software, held multiple senior management roles at Oneworld Software Solutions, and worked as a technology investment banker at UBS Warburg where he led the execution of several IPO and M&A deals that in aggregate raised over $800M for high tech companies.


Before that, Elkhatib had started his career as a software engineer, developing large-scale software applications for Global Fortune 20 companies. He is a graduate of M.I.T. with an MBA in finance and was named the Henry du Pont III Scholar, and a graduate of Purdue University with a B.S. in Computer and Electrical Engineering. He also studied Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford. While at Stanford, Elkhatib's research included new materials for fuel cell membranes, solar thin film deposition and catalysts for bio-refining of renewable chemicals. He contributed to writing the 2nd edition of the textbook, Fuel Cell Fundamentals.