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Three awards from US Energy Department to fuel UW solar cell research
UW News, Jan16, 2019

Dunham’s project, awarded $681,000, will investigate another promising material in photovoltaics research, known by its acronym CIGS — or copper indium gallium selenide.

They plan to use this information to create models for CIGS manufacturing processes and their impact on performance efficiency, which they’ll test and refine in partnership with Siva Power, a California-based solar energy company.

Siva Power secures a further US$25 million in funding for CIGS thin-film technology
PV-Tech, May 23, 2017

US-based CIGS thin-film start-up Siva Power said it had secured a further US$25 million in funding for its planned CIGS thin-film pilot and demonstration production line.

Siva Power first announced a US$5 million investment round to build a pilot line to produce small-scale production to demonstrate its co-evaporation source technology at its facility in Santa Clara, California in May 2016.

Siva Power Expands Santa Clara Facility
pv magazine, February 3, 2017

The U.S. thin film manufacturer has expanded its development center in Santa Clara, California, & acquired production equipment from First Solar and Bloo Solar. 

Siva’s development facility has been extended to 35,500 square feet to accommodate the newly purchased equipment.


“I’m very pleased the company was able to acquire such high quality tools,” says Robert G. Wendt, Siva’s Vice-President of Process & Equipment Development. “It will enable Siva to progress our work.”

Siva Power snags First Solar’s previous president for Board of Directors seat
Solar Power World, September 27, 2016

Siva Power, a manufacturer of next generation thin-film solar technology, has hired renowned solar executive Bruce Sohn as its Vice-Chairman of the Board. Sohn is highly respected in the fields of renewable energy & high-tech manufacturing, having been the key executive in First Solar’s growth into an internationally recognized solar company & having held leadership positions at Intel Corporation.

Sohn started at First Solar in 2003, serving on the Board of Directors & guiding the company through its formative years of growth.

Siva Power building complete CIGS pilot line with US$5 million of new investment

PV-Tech, May 04, 2016

CIGS thin-film start-up Siva Power has raised US$5 million in new Series D financing to build a pilot line to produce small-scale production to demonstrate its co-evaporation source technology at its facility in Santa Clara, California.

The company also reiterated that it was raising capital to build its first 300MW production line that it claims would initially lower CIGS thin-film module costs to US$0.40/W and provide a roadmap to less than US$0.28/W. Higher nameplate capacities are claimed to lead to costs of US$0.20/W.

Brad Mattson, Siva Power CEO said: “We have been consolidating all the top-tier talent in CIGS solar manufacturing here at Siva Power for the past couple of years and now are moving forward to manufacturing solar panels at the absolute lowest-cost.”

Siva Says “Scale Up!” For Low Cost Solar In USA

Cleantechnica, May 04, 2016

Low cost solar innovator Siva Power has been making that case that scaling up is the key to restoring the USA as a manufacturing center for the global solar industry. It looks like the California-based company is getting a chance to prove it. Earlier this week, Siva announced that it has nailed down $5 million in financing to build its first pilot solar manufacturing line.

If the new facility delivers on Siva’s promise, it will pump out low cost, thin film solar modules that will accelerate the transition out of fossil fuel — and nuclear energy, for that matter.

CIGS thin-film: Solar’s black sheep is finding its feet

Solar Power World, January 04, 2016

The general public may be most familiar with crystalline silicon PV panels, but thin-film manufacturers are trying their best to make a dent in the market. First Solar has established its dominance in the cadmium telluride (CdTe) arena, but CIGS thin-film (made of copper, indium, gallium and selenide) manufacturers think they could be just as competitive with better equipment and production.


Unfortunately, many developers are hesitant to bank on CIGS, mostly because of big names loudly going bankrupt or closing (Solyndra, Nanosolar, MiaSolé and most recently TSMC Solar). TSMC, which ceased manufacturing this past summer, blamed its late entry into the market and lack of economies of scale as reasoning for shuttering its doors.